Since it will be 89 years (2101) from now there will be month, day and year all the same number, I promised myself to write something. It has been 4 months since my last post.

Please note that this post is totally random :p

5 years ago

This triple dozen date brings my memory back to July or August 2007. At the time, I was working part time in an event organizer (EO) in Surabaya. For me, triple date isn’t very special at that time, but I did realize that it’s very meaningful for others who’re going to marry, give a birth, etc. Many brides and grooms to be have been preparing their marriage for 08-08-2008. It’s so far away. However, if you want to marry in those beautiful date, you have to be ready to spend much money to book venues, decorators, caterings, singers, MC, etc. Favorite ones were already booked early.

Now, 5 years passed and there will be no triple date again for the next 89 years, until 2101. Still long way to go and I’m sure that no one wants to wait that long to get married or give a birth  ;).


New Year Resolutions

I made some this year and I made a mistake by not putting it in front of my working table for several months. As predicted, I forgot most of the plans until I reprinted it two months ago. It made me remember to do put my best efforts to achieve my goals.

  • Some are in progress (target income)
  • Some seems impossible (maybe next year will come true)

To live healthier:

  • I eat oatmeal for breakfast regularly but only since 1,5 months ago. But, it isn’t bad . It’s quite good since I only targeted to eat oatmeal at least twice a week.
  • Butttt.. In the first half of the year, I was pretty consistent to exercise at least twice a week at least one hour. However, I couldn’t spend time to this for the past few months. Maybe because I was too busy working..

Looking at my new year resolutions make me realize that we can plan many things to do, to achieve, but we cannot expect all come true. I do realize that if my last January’s jobs were as many as now, I wouldn’t be able to handle them well.

As time goes by, I am trained to handle more things by the help of others trusted people. The more I share the blessings the more God gives to me. :) Realizing this, I’m preparing to keep improving my knowledge, to keep being motivated, and to keep moving forward whatever happens.

I’m very grateful that the biggest New Year resolution did happen last April. Thank God! When I made it I did realize that it’s very impossible but by the grace of God everything is possible! Still, when I look back at the moment, I still cannot believe that we’re able to do this.


Goals and Targets

Some are achieved. Some are in progress.

Making deadline is very important because it motivates me to work harder to finish the job as soon as possible. For the time being, I’m working on a project that I planned to finish by August 2012. It’s late because during the process we found many (unexpected) difficulties that consumed much time. Luckily, all were solved and we could take a break for moment before working on bigger project. I plan to finish the design by Dec 15, 2012. Only 3 days left but I don’t want to postpone it any longer.

Talking about goals and targets, a friend of mine, N, was married last October. I’m happy for her. I’m even happier when getting her messages telling me that she’s pregnant now! I remembered in 2009, when I was doing my internship, I often chatted with her and she told me that she wanted to be married not more than 25 y.o. At that time, I was 21 and she was 22. She got exactly what she wanted!

She didn’t want to have too far age difference between her and her children, and she got pregnant not too long after her marriage.

I made me realize that to be able to achieve something we should know our wants clearly. We cannot say that we want to succeed without defining it, whether: getting X as monthly salary, being a manager at the age of 24, being a business owner before 30, etc. When we don’t know our directions, we won’t take the right steps to achieve it.



This was taken at home last September, after family holiday to Bali, made by my little sister, D. Thanks for the cake D! Really like it. I do hope I can make one for your birthday this year, but it might better for you to make one yourself ;). Hahahaha. 😉

birgita adelia ultah



I’m so blessed to have some holidays this year. Got the opportunity to visit new places too. Btw, I wish to go to Pangandaran after reading my mom’s story and seeing some of the pictures. I want to try to surf, can I? It seems difficult to stand and balance the body on the wave. Didn’t get the chance to do it in Bali because we went to several tourism places to enjoy the beautiful sceneries.


Gossip Girl

Now is its last season and only two episodes left, well actually one, but since I haven’t watched the 9th episode, I said two. There were pretty much jobs these days, so I haven’t got the opportunity to download it, moreover watch it. Gonna miss this film series. I don’t know why I like watching film series lately. In fact, I prefer to watch films because I can know the ending within or less than 2 hours


What’s else?

That’s all for now. This is a very long post because I have sooo many things to write down. Hope that I won’t skip writing this long again.

Get to go back to work to finish my jobs soon because I have promises to fulfill soon. I had to postpone to do it for a while because I was quite busy of works, finishing photo books (because I bought 5 coupons on DisDus. Luckily I was able to finish 3 days before the deadline, hahaha, . Few past months were tiring because I had to make myself work on Sundays to finish the photo books.)


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  1. I’m so thrilled to read this amazing article. I can’t imagine how far we have grown up for the last one year. Wish you best of luck

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