Olympic Games

london-olympic-logo-2012It has been great days for me for the past two weeks because I’m able to watch Olympic Games on YouTube. I have been spending much time watching several sports that take my interest, especially that I seldom watch. On the other hand, I also feel sad because Indonesia couldn’t get any gold medal in London Olympic 2012. I watched most of the badminton matches, especially when Indonesian players played.

After the badminton matches done, I continued watching other sports, like diving, synchronized swimming (it’s very amazing, how can they move so fast under the water to make certain formation etc. while they can’t hear any sound under the water), rhythmic gymnastics (which is very very beautiful), etc. I don’t see that very often in my life, so I think I should maximize the opportunity to watch it. Big thanks to YouTube because I can easily choose any games I want to watch, much better than watch it on TV.

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The First Step Is The Hardest

firststep_logoChanging routine or adding new activity really needs high discipline. My mind gives so many reasons to postpone doing new thing although I know that it’s very important to start doing that as soon as possible.

I should start testing a program. After that, I need to redesign the system to be a better one because the modified program is expected to be finished before the end of September. At the same time, I have to focus on sites for becoming Amazon affiliate. It has been 9 months and there’s nothing have been done so far.

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