Merry Christmas!

Merry ChristmasChristmas is coming! :)

Somehow, I miss the mass in Cirebon, don’t know why. Mungkin suasananya beda, mungkin karena dari kecil udah gereja di situ. Selalu merasa misa paling enak ya kalau di Cirebon, don’t exactly know why.

My wish:

  • Semoga damai di hati
  • Belajar mengontrol pikiran, supaya gak gampang stres, apalagi untuk hal-hal yg gak ada hubungannya sm gw

That’s all! Gak mau banyak2, bener2 mau santai dulu sekarang, sambil ngurusin soalnya valentine udah tinggal bentar lagi 😉


Since it will be 89 years (2101) from now there will be month, day and year all the same number, I promised myself to write something. It has been 4 months since my last post.

Please note that this post is totally random :p

5 years ago

This triple dozen date brings my memory back to July or August 2007. At the time, I was working part time in an event organizer (EO) in Surabaya. For me, triple date isn’t very special at that time, but I did realize that it’s very meaningful for others who’re going to marry, give a birth, etc. Many brides and grooms to be have been preparing their marriage for 08-08-2008. It’s so far away. However, if you want to marry in those beautiful date, you have to be ready to spend much money to book venues, decorators, caterings, singers, MC, etc. Favorite ones were already booked early. Continue reading