Something Is Missing

missing thingSince yesterday, I only get few SMS about chocolate valentine. Somehow I miss the moment in which I used my phone 24/7, charged it 2-3 times a day (isn’t it crazy), was busy of checking the shipping fee, checked klikbca and internet banking mandiri many many times a day, updated order lists, sent shipping codes, handled complaints. My inbox and WhatsApp were full of messages from unknown numbers who asked about harga gitar yamaha. It’s all gone and now I feel something is missing. Continue reading

Back to Coding!

Taun ini lumayan banyak ngoding sendiri (walaupun cm minor changes), but it’s fun and challenging! Asik juga ternyata cari-cari error dan ada kepuasan tersendiri pas berhasil menemukan di mana letak error tsb (norak ya, padahal kadang2 cm simple things). Masih ingat post sebelumnya? Sampai sekarang kalau coding ya paling seputar PHP & C#. For the latter, if I could choose, I want to use VB.NET. Sayangnya, gw gak bisa milih. 😛 Continue reading


cute clock

In the morning, when I start my day I always think, “It’s still early, get a lot of time to finish much works. Looking my to do list and choosing the most important first…”

In the afternoon: “Time flies, it’s time for noon to evening routine! And, I haven’t finished any meaningful job :(

At night: “If I can choose, I would sleep early. However, I decide to sleep late to finish work because I know once I let myself do that it’ll be a habit.” I don’t know when I started being a night person. I used to be the morning one since my childhood.