augustIt’s August. It’s First Friday.

It has been a long time since the last time I write here. I do really wish to be able to spend some time to do it, but when I realize that there are a lot of unfinished jobs, I should choose which to do. I got some ideas to be written, made a note about them, but never be able to allocate time.

I’m happy and grateful for God’s chances and opportunities to have things to do. I still remember well the time that I had nothing to do. I had enough time to watch books, play games, etc. At that time, 24 hours a day seemed to long, but now I sometimes wish to have more than 24 hours a day! But, it’s not a big deal since I’m able to watch Olympic Games now, hahahaa.

August always brings special memory for me and I know this year, it will too. Can’t wait for my birthday, for short break. Talking about birthday, I get several wishes for my birthday present ;). Haven’t told anyone about it, but I hope that I can get at least one my wishes :p.

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