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Confused. Let me tell you the story.

It began when I was creating the CRM billing system for certain company. I knew that I have to use the existing customer and property data and link it to my system. It was very hard to get the database because none of the users were willing to help me. They asked what I need, but never provided the data.

I think the program won’t be finished until today if it’s not me who went to the office so many times. I tried to find the ‘real’ database that is being used for the system. The database consists of many db that made me hard to find the right one. First, the tables that are being used are only a few of them because the office bought an existing software from different vendor (let’s say vendor A). Second, there several dummy (and unused  of course!) databases there.

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Auto Increment Error in MySQL

Pasti pada terkejut nih, lama ga ngeblog, tau-tau nulis tentang MySQL 😛

Hari ini kedua kalinya gw ketemu error di kolom yang sudah diset auto increment di MySQL. Pas input data awal pas tabel baru dibuat sih nggak ada masalah. Itungannya benar: 1, 2, 3, dst.. Tapi pas kita mau insert lagi, tiba-tiba mulai dari 10000, kacau kan?

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