Deadline for Myself ;)

51-time-clockLast weekend, I was challenged to create a simple desktop application to login to a website and get the data. I thought it would be easy, just check the parameters from the page and post the values. But, it wasn’t that simple. I tried many times but always failed.

I used many different examples found on the Internet, but none of them worked well. I’ve understood how the major flow to POST data to the website and get the data after that. I also already knew how to use the data for my purpose, but the problem was my program couldn’t login to the system.:((

Then, I promised to myself to stop trying if I still couldn’t make the program runs well until Sunday night. Can you guess what time I was able to make the program run smoothly? Around 12:20 a.m. But I’m so happy to know that I’m still be able to make simple desktop application after a long time ;). Thank God too. I’m able to sleep tightly then :p

I followed the tutorial from How to Start Programming. You can also learn many things about VB.NET there. He provides clear explanation through videos which are very helpful for me to know the point that I missed previously. I didn’t send the whole parameters needed by the site, that’s why it always failed in the login step.

After I succeed, on Tuesday, I still wanted to create similar programs to login to different site. I thought it would be easy since I already know how to POST data, but it’s not! I get another challenge now, the site that I’m working on is using Javascript to generate the part of the content that I want to get from the system. Thus, it can’t be read directly using data stream :(.

I guess it’ll be another challenging time to make the program (who won’t get stressed and bored easily when get errors and have no idea what changes should be made? :p). Have several important things to finish soon, so I plan to allocate my time to finish creating the program well (I hope).



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