Give Me Your Response!

Patience has a limit.

I believe even the most patient person in the world will get angry when facing this kind of people:

  • They contact you intensely when they need your help
  • They never help you in return although you’ve asked their help directly
  • They always feel self-righteous
  • They ask you questions, you reply nicely and show them their mistakes, and they never admit it. In return, they ask another question and act as if it’s your fault. In fact, when you show that they’re wrong again, they keep silent
  • They never say thank you to whatever you do. Educated people like them should now how to behave with their partners. Asking without giving!
  • They keep asking you to do impossible things or things that are not agreed. Once, one of the group asked me to change the existing one that I did based on the request of her team member. When I asked the confirmation from him, he never showed up again!
  • They sent me an email (of course, they complain about ‘my mistakes’-which is not OR ask for helps), I replied it quickly. And, I’m lucky enough to hear news from them within 24 hours.
  • They didn’t reply some of emails for more than one month (of course, they don’t reply it up to now, may be they don’t want to do it!), and when I asked why, they said that they the electricity and internet connection were off. Off for a month. But, how can it works well each time they need help?!!
  • They asked me about “my mistakes”. I explained it and showed that they used the wrong data. Guess what? They sent me another example of my mistakes – which is not. Again, they referred to the wrong data. I explained them nicely, but they never said yes or no….!!!!
  • The same thing like above just happened. I’ve shown them their mistakes, and they re-said that it’s my mistake. Don’t have more patience, I asked their confirmation that my program is wrong.
  • They (may be) think that they’re my only client so they can ask revisions several hours before they use it.

If you were me, what would you do?

Have a long to do list, but can’t start working. I wish I never knew them. Very bad people. Destroy my day. Need to take a break and forget them (I wish it’s possible, :p).

May be I should understand that they’re not clever, don’t have good attitudes, etc.

Sorry to write this, but I need it to get my mood back. At least, to finish some of works today.

God, please help me :)

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