I’ll be Home for Christmas

Will I be home for Christmas? I don’t think so. Actually, I have planned to go home earlier for this year Christmas at the beginning of this month, but as time goes by, I face some problems, and Dec 20 is coming in 5 days! My mom always asks me when I will go home this December, and when I answer “don’t know yet”, she always replies by singing “I’ll be home for Christmas.”

Starting from the beginning of the month, when I see Fb, sometimes I read my friends’ status about when they can go home, they are still waiting for the holiday from the HR, whether it is too late to buy ticket or not, or they cannot go home, etc. Always about going home. At that time, I don’t care about that because I’ll go home earlier.

For me going home for Christmas in not only about going to church for Christmas Eve (this is the priority of my friends), but it’s about gathering the whole family. Even, Nia who is going to have her final seminar (before the defense on Jan 2011) will go home before Christmas! My little sister, Devina, will go to Cirebon 2 days before Christmas.

Maybe I should change the songs into: “I’ll be Home for New Year”. Yeayyh, I should be home during the New Year Eve, especially to spend the time with my sisters 😉

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