Limited Internet Access

oh noI’m used to use monthly unlimited internet access (CDMA one) until it often has connection problems and is off in critical time. I decided to buy a GSM modem, so I can still use the Internet when my CDMA doesn’t work. One day, when the Internet was totally off, we decide to buy a GSM number. At first, I was confused which provider I should choose because all of them offer limited internet access.

Up to now, I’m really accustomed using unlimited package, so I can download movies without worrying not being able to open any websites near end of month. It also okay to running software all time. Sooo, due to some considerations, and after asking recommendations from the sellers, I decided to buy use one of the provider (the same one that I use for my cell phone).

If you think that I get a faster Internet, you’re totally wrong ;). I don’t know why, but the internet connection of my GSM number was as bad as the CDMA number. I quite regretted my decision because I already bought package for 3 months. Already spent a big money, :((. I never used the modem until lately when the CDMA number got problems (again!), and amazingly the internet connection is fast! 😀

However, I’m scary when seeing how fast the bandwidth is being used :((. I don’t open sites with many pictures, stop downloading for a moment, but it already consumed 100 MB for 7 hours usage. Just for running a simple software. When I wrote this, it already reached more than 220 MB, just for may 12 hours usage. Oh NO!!!

Just pray that the CDMA number can work well soon, especially at night. I’m afraid that the bandwidth of my GSM number gonna run out soon. Still have around 2/3 weeks left (I don’t exactly remember the date). Can’t imagine how can I work without proper Internet connection…

PS: The good news is I spend more time writing than browsing now 😉 😉

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