Medan Trip 2: Brastagi, Simajarunjung, Sipiso-piso and Medan City

Let’s continue on Medan trip. From Samosir, we went to Berastagi, a cold place like Puncak. On the way, we stop at several places:


It’s a very cold and nice place to relax and take some pictures. Going there you should be ready with sudden rain. The garden is very beautiful. Here are some pictures:

Simajarunjung - North SumatraSimajarunjung - North Sumatra

Simajarunjung - North SumatraSimajarunjung - North Sumatra


Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Another stop was at Sipiso-piso Waterfall. We didn’t get a chance to g go down because I got ‘masuk angin’. It was crazy to go up in such a condition but finally I made (because there’s no choice). I couldn’t expect anyone to bring me up.

Sipiso-piso - North SumatraSipiso-piso - North Sumatra


Sitting at the same spot where I took the above picture with Toba Lake view as the background. Very beautiful!

Sipiso-piso - North Sumatra

Again, the beautiful view of Toba Lake on our way down to this waterfall:

Sipiso-piso - North Sumatra

Visiting Simajarunjung and Sipiso-piso ended our second trip in North Sumatra. The next day, we went back to Medan city because the next day we should come to best friend’s wedding in Shri Mariamman.

The hotel we stayed has pine tree in the pool area. A big one. Make me feel the Christmas nuance. I didn’t swim there because it was cold and some people use the pool using their sandals! Argh!

hotel at Parapat


Taman Alam Lumbini

Our first stop was Taman Alam Lumbini (Pagoda Swedagon). I love going to this kind of places :*.  Took a picture before removing our sandal and entering the complex.Taman Alam Lumbini

Should go left to surround the building before entering the main building.

Taman Alam Lumbini

I tried to spin this bell (is this right). There’s a tutorial how to spin the bell:

Taman Alam Lumbini

Personally, I think this is a place-to-visit when you’re in Berastagi. Don’t put the picture inside the building. Go check out yourself! 😉


Gereja Annai Velangkani

After arriving in Medan, we went to Annai Velangkani church. This was very popular (at least for me) and this place is at the top list of places to go while in Medan.

The chapel picture (the church is on the second floor). I prayed there, a lot of wishes (hahaha)

Gereja Annai VelangkaniGereja Annai Velangkani

We also went to Tjong A Fie Mansion. For me, the place is overrated. The guide was boring and not full of information. Seems she was more interested in joining her friend with 1 Dutch in front of us. And, I got flu while I was there. Hatchi2 all the time, Hahaha. I enjoyed my time there when….. the guide left us! I wanted to see some other rooms that she didn’t explain. She let us do with our own risk. Actually, nothing strange happened, she was just too lazy to be guide for Indonesian maybe 😛


In this trip, we didn’t visit the Mt. Sinabung area (we went to Medan before the eruption). The condition wasn’t good at that time (based on the guide info). It’s a pity to watch the news, seeing the natural condition after the eruption. I can still remember how I was impressed with their crops along the way.


Another memorable thing in North Sumatera is a lot of churches everywhere! Not too big but it’s so easy to find church. Maybe like finding Mosque in Jawa.

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