Super-Duper Large Pizza

IMG00529-20111224-1549 - Copy

To welcome my little sister that came home two days after me, my mom decided to make a super duper large pizza. Could you guess the size? You can compare my hand in the picture above with the pan. I think that it was the first time we use that big square pan.


For me, it doesn’t matter as long as I can eat much.. There were a lot of sausages above the dough, so yummy Pizza Pizza Pizza 

IMG00525-20111224-1541 - Copy

Andd… after here is the pizza Smile. Look and taste very delicious! Especially for us… Smile

IMG00534-20111224-1618 - Copy

PS: I cropped the pictures so you can get a clear description on how large the pizza was, so I’m sorry if the pictures are not too clear Smile

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