Medan Trip 1: Toba Lake and Samosir Island

Last December 2013,  I got the chance to go to Medan and traveled to some popular cities around Medan, like Pematang Siantar, Prapat, and Berastagi before exploring the Medan itself.

For the flight from Palembang to Medan, I used Garuda. I was surprised that I should walk to the plane until I realized the plane is the small one. The seat is 2-2 so the foot space is bigger but the height isn’t.

In front of Garuda Explore Jet

Upon arrival, took a picture some pictures in front of the new airport – Kuala Namu airport. It is a big and clean airport, a bit like the Lombok Praya Airport. The difference is this airport is connected directly to the train station.

at Kuala Namu Airport

The journey began! We stopped by at Patung Dewi Kwan In in Pematang Siantar (didn’t have chance to try the famous noodle – the drawback of using tour). Took some pictures here:

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