When You’re Down, What Do You Do?

Past few days weren’t easy for me. Maybe around 10 days. I can’t sleep well. I can’t concentrate on work. I can’t be productive. I try to find my soul back.



From my analysis, there are 2 main causes. (I know I shouldn’t be affected this easily, but I have to admit that I couldn’t control myself fully all the time).

1. Meeting a people that thinks he knows everything! He gave speech about what kind of life we should have. Do you think I’m that stupid that cannot make the comparison between my wishlist and my ability? Won’t got into detail because I don’t want to hurt anyone. For me, it’s another phase to be better (or, greater?)

2. Finding the hole in the system and it’s too late ! Also, no hint what I should do now. This successfully made me unable to sleep tight for 3 days in a row! Even on my most tired days, I still thought about finding the solution in the dream. Gosh!

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