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cute clock

In the morning, when I start my day I always think, “It’s still early, get a lot of time to finish much works. Looking my to do list and choosing the most important first…”

In the afternoon: “Time flies, it’s time for noon to evening routine! And, I haven’t finished any meaningful job :(

At night: “If I can choose, I would sleep early. However, I decide to sleep late to finish work because I know once I let myself do that it’ll be a habit.” I don’t know when I started being a night person. I used to be the morning one since my childhood.

What Do You Think about Luck?

For me, I need it so much, especially now!

Yesterday was my unlucky day. It wasn’t a bad day; it wasn’t an ordinary day, just not my lucky day. Sad smile

It began in the morning when I realize that I should start having a more healthy breakfast (oatmeal), eating less fried and oily food, and reducing my eating portion (DIET Smile with tongue out). Actually, it’s good to know it since the beginning of the year, especially since I decided not to think about reducing my weight anymore (and include it into my new year resolution Winking smile). It seems that now I should do more exercise and eat less Smile with tongue out

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