Thanking God for My Life :)

Thank God for the new day and its challenges Smile

Still remember my post 2 days ago (What do you think about luck?)? Yes, at the time I was in a low mood and emotion. However, today God reminds me of His blessings. I should be thankful for a new day given to me, including all the challenges in that day. It’s much more better than I have nothing to do (compared to 1 year ago).


How did God remind me? In the morning, I got SMS from my little sister informing that one of her classmates passed away after 1 week coma in the hospital. She is a victim of fallen tree due to big rain last week. She is only 19 years old Sad smile

Yup, so I promise myself that I’ll try my best to overcome problems and challenges happen in my life. I also believe that those experiences will be useful for my future.. Smile 

Failure is the beginning of success

Just wanna keep reminding myself that I’ve passed several big and shocking experiences before, so I don’t have to worry about the future. I believe that I’ll be able to handle it well through the help from God, my family, my closed friends Smile

Red heart I Love My Life Red heart


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