What Do I Do?

My team and I do online promotion for any business, any product, and any service.  We love helping business meet their potential markets online.

Some of our clients:

  • A 4-star hotel in Sumatra
  • A villa in Lombok
  • A flight school in Phillipines
  • An international university
  • A boarding high school
  • A college in London
  • A money portal in Kuala Lumpur
  • An e-commerce site
  • A Bali accommodation provider, targeting Australian market
  • A chocolate store (this is Holly Choco, my other business 😉 )
  • A international flower store
  • A car rental business
  • and some others, such as: affiliate, factory, financial advisor, etc.

If you have any business, small business is also okay, and you think you want to get more clients, we can help you! Just leave the comment with your name, address, and your business and I’ll get back to you soon :)


What Do I Love from this Business?

A lot!

I love:

  1. Hearing the success stories from our clients after using our service for some time.
  2. Meeting new people and learning about new business. I got a good inspiration after meeting a Dutch couple last year.
  3. Traveling from one place to another (I still remember the first time we started I often thought that it must be fun to work as marketers because they can travel a lot and the company covered all the costs).
  4. Going to several cities in Indonesia that I wouldn’t have experienced if I continued to work as a programmer 😛
  5. Getting free accommodation, free breakfast-lunch-dinner, free flight tickets. What a beautiful life!
  6. Getting bonus when we delivered above the expectation and clients get good benefits from using our service.
  7. Being promoted. For sure, our satisfied clients will promote us to their relatives.


What Are The Challenges?

Online  marketing or online promotion isn’t familiar for everybody. Some people think that this equals to selling products on Facebook. That’s not wrong either but it’s not the main point. Selling products on Facebook, we have to work hard to tag and share our products to close the deal. Even, we need to add friends daily to expand the market. However, most of them are people that don’t need our product/service. Thus, the promotion isn’t directing to the right target.

For me, my biggest challenge is to explain what we do and the (possible) benefits for them.

  • One time, we met a college friend. We shared the stories. When we explained what we do, it seems to complicated for him to understand. Can you imagine it? He might be only 1-2 years older.
  • Our product cannot been seen physically and traded in mass. It’s totally different from selling clothes, electronic products, foods and beverages.

In contrast, some people surprised us!

  • We met a 50-year old man that is very familiar with online marketing terms, such as: black hat, white hat, social media submission, backlink, etc. What a shock hearing him mentioning those terms so casually as if he has been in this business for a long time. In fact, he was a Forex brokerage.
  • I met a doctor that can build a website (a nice one). She understands about keywords, SEO, etc quite qell. What a surprise!

Indeed, meeting those people ease us to explain about our service and why we are different compared to others. :)


The History (don’t worry, this is the short version 😉 )

Back to 2009, my partner (that is also my boyfriend) and I started this business together. We started by offering our service to develop sites for FREE. Yes, we offered it for free. Our focus was building the network and getting clients.

Was giving free service easy? Not at all. Simply, because we didn’t have enough network. Some people thought their site was good enough. Some didn’t want to spend any money. (We asked them to pay for the domain and hosting).  At that time, we only wanted the chance to proof our skill in this online marketing business.

As time goes by, we got more clients, knew more people, experienced some ups and downs (for SURE!), and found the right strategy to make money.

In April 2012, we started our own office. We learned how to recruit people, how to teach them about our business, how to build a strong team, how to find the right candidate, how to motivate them, etc. At that time, online income contributes the biggest part to our business.

In 2013, we realized that we need to socialize and get some local clients. We offer free service to some candidates that want to corporate. Doing so we meet new people and learn new business. And this continues up to now.

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