What Do You Think about Luck?

For me, I need it so much, especially now!

Yesterday was my unlucky day. It wasn’t a bad day; it wasn’t an ordinary day, just not my lucky day. Sad smile

It began in the morning when I realize that I should start having a more healthy breakfast (oatmeal), eating less fried and oily food, and reducing my eating portion (DIET Smile with tongue out). Actually, it’s good to know it since the beginning of the year, especially since I decided not to think about reducing my weight anymore (and include it into my new year resolution Winking smile). It seems that now I should do more exercise and eat less Smile with tongue out


Yesterday wasn’t a good day for me either. I should spend more than half day installing and uninstalling programs, checking the errors in which I’ve succeeded testing the program in two different computers, but why yesterday it became so hard & difficult? I felt so frustrated and wanted to end it as soon as possible. I still couldn’t install the program successfully until the end of the day (don’t worry, now it’s working!! Smile). Then, I realized that I can only work in a quite place surrounded by people that I know (quite) well.

I also spent more than 6 hours on road, trapped in certain place because of rain, and walked quite far, hiksss.. I was so tired and want to have a long sleep, but I couldn’t because:

  • I couldn’t feel relax when I still have unfinished jobs
  • I knew that I should start the day quite early the next day after that long day. And, I  was also worried about today because there’re more things to finish in the short time. Thank God that today’s better than yesterday.

I could realize the wrong steps I made yesterday. Again, I know what my performance is better when I feel safe, fresh and relax. I know that some people are very good in working under pressure, but I don’t think that I’m into that group. Smile with tongue out

I do realize that I’m lucky enough not to spend my ordinary days like yesterday. I can get enough sleep, think about my future plan, do the duties well, and still have time to relax Smile

There are still many things to do, from A, B, C to Z (may be), but I really need to rest and take a break for a moment. I’m no longer a person that can do multitasks and realize that focusing on finishing the job one by one is the best way!

Let’s take a breathhh and a breakkk tooo Open-mouthed smile. Wish me luck yaaaa Winking smile

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