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Confused. Let me tell you the story.

It began when I was creating the CRM billing system for certain company. I knew that I have to use the existing customer and property data and link it to my system. It was very hard to get the database because none of the users were willing to help me. They asked what I need, but never provided the data.

I think the program won’t be finished until today if it’s not me who went to the office so many times. I tried to find the ‘real’ database that is being used for the system. The database consists of many db that made me hard to find the right one. First, the tables that are being used are only a few of them because the office bought an existing software from different vendor (let’s say vendor A). Second, there several dummy (and unused  of course!) databases there.

I spent around two days to find the right table and database. The tables’ and columns’ name by the vendor A doesn’t follow certain rule. The column name that is being used can be different among the tables that made me hard to find all the tables that I need for linking the database. :(. For example they use column ‘code’ for table A and use ‘cust_code’ in table B. 😛

Moreover, I also find difficulties in finding the server that is being used to run the software by vendor A. The computer in which the IP public is being used can’t be accessed from the server in that office. At first, I planned to use the same IP to access my program. I spent another week to find the answer that resulted nothing.

The IT person from that office gave me a new IP public to access my program. At this point, I thought the case is solved.

Untilll.. several days ago, the users told me that there are 3 units that exist in program created by vendor A, but according to the query in my program, those 3 units don’t appear. To be honest, I’m so confused, because after I re-checked two or three times to the DB that I use, the units haven’t been bought by any users.

Actually, I start thinking why the database hasn’t been updated since the last time I downloaded the data.

The stranger thing, last week, when the server was off because the electricity in that office was off, the users said that they couldn’t access my program (of course!), but they could access the program created by vendor A. How can??!!!

Even though they only put the database in the server that I use and the software in different server, the program shouldn’t be able to be accessed when the database server was off, right?

I start guessing that the vendor A put the program and database in its own server, not in that company’s server because the IP public is different and we can still access the data when the server was off. What do you think???

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      btw, why did you use anonimus? 😛

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